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Launch ‘Outdoor Living’ e-platform

We shift up a digital gear and launch an ‘Outdoor Living’ e-platform. This platform exudes dynamism and user-friendliness. As a visitor, you are taken into the wonderful indoor-outdoor world of Organic-Concept. The connection between man and nature is central here.

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Creating extra covered outdoor space for your terrace or garden: the benefits!

With an Organic-Concept tent you can cover your outdoor space and increase your capacity, moreover you can do this without a building permit.

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Restart hospitality industry with full support from our HART!

Now that the hospitality industry is preparing for a cautious restart in times of Covid-19, we at Organic-Concept accept the challenge of creating the largest covered, safe space possible together.

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A valued partnership with Docks Dome

Docks Dome, a premium event space in Brussels, an impressive and extraordinary architecture on top of the shopping district Docks Brussels.

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WeCanDance, a summer safari for Organic-Concept

Never before has the empathy in a theme been so unmistakable as during ‘We Can Dance 2019’. Their ‘Safari Nomads’ were accompanied by 8 beaufort winds on the beach of Zeebrugge.

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Tomorrowland, a land of magical OC stories

July stands for summer, sun, festivals, enjoying and very hard work (in our sector, anyway), … and also Tomorrowland.

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Season kick-start and international growth in 2019

The Organic-Concept Team kick-started the season and during the first half of 2019, the company grew strongly in the international market!

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Bamboo tipi

An original VIP-lounge for your unique event? Choose the Bamboo tipi by Organic-Concept.

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Wooden Flat Dome

An eye-catcher at your festival or event? Choose the Wooden Flat Dome by Organic-Concept.

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