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WeCanDance, a summer safari for Organic-Concept

Never before has the empathy in a theme been so unmistakable as during ‘We Can Dance 2019’. Their ‘Safari Nomads’ were accompanied by 8 beaufort winds on the beach of Zeebrugge. Wall to wall sunshine and a tropical temperature only helped to complete the Sahara feeling.

For those in the crowd for whom the sand made its way higher up than just the toes, our +/- 7.000m2 Organic Tents and Structures came as welcome relief.

Our Organic Stretch tents for example, made for ideal protection for, among others, Experience Market, Super 8 Stage and the VIP area at the Kitsch Club Stage.

In our biggest Organic Silhouette tent, we installed together with Let There Be Light, the star restaurant Pure C, run by Chef Sergio Herman and Sirco Bakker. The Bar and Food tents were also erected under Organic Silhouette tents.

During this 7th edition, the Organic Wooden Flat Dome was again the eye-catcher. This time we decorated this architectural dome-shaped structure on the inside with drapes, wicker mood lighting and African masks, in order to recreate the Gardens of Babylon.

Just like real-life tent nomads know how to build and dismantle their tents, we know better than anybody else how to best erect our structures, so they remain motionless and can resist wind speeds of 8 beaufort and more,.. which are very challenging weather conditions for a festival, to say the least. Extra storm lines and anchors were used, and we increased security.

We decorated the crazy Beach Boutique Festival in earth colours and animal prints, themed animation, several tastes from around the world and beats you could dance to.

From a bird’s view, every Organic-Concept Tent is a fitting piece of the puzzle in a breath-taking vista which, as a whole, breaths the same atmosphere.

--“It completely matches the Soul that we breathe.”--