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Bamboo tipi

A decorative eye-catcher at your festival? A creative DJ booth?
An original VIP-lounge for your unique event?
Choose the Bamboo tipi by Organic-Concept.

The Bamboo Tipi immediately catches the eye both during the day and at night! These innovating, cone-shaped tents are used as the ideal indoor and outdoor concept to attract attention. Erect them together with the Wooden Flat Dome and complete your fairy picture.
Just like under the Wooden Flat Dome, a floor can be installed, in a natural wooden or whitewashed cassette floor.
Using the correct lights and appropriate furniture, you can create the nicest and cosiest location at your event.

The Bamboo Tipi is 9.5m high, on a basis of 5m x 5m. The Cone is 7m high and starts at a height of 2.3m. This structure is available in one format: 5m diameter. It covers 25 m² surface.

You will already have seen our Bamboo Tipis at Tomorrowland 2018, WECANDANCE 2018, and they have already been used at a number of private events.

Please contact us at info@organic-concept.com for a bespoke quote.