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Restart hospitality industry with full support from our HART!

Now that the hospitality industry is preparing for a cautious restart in times of Covid-19, we at Organic-Concept accept the challenge of creating the largest covered, safe space possible together.

It is very likely that, in a first phase, terraces will be opened. Taking into account an extra safety zone of 1.5m for easy movement between the tables, the total hospitality capacity will be reduced.


Our Organic- tents can be attached or added to an existing establishment, terrace, veranda – or be set up completely freestanding.

You have a variable choice in the number of square metres, tents with or without sidewalls – with the addition of wooden floors, heating, lighting or furniture.

We offer solutions for both large and small hospitality businesses. These are an added value also in the long term as they let you welcome customers on your terrace in all seasons.


  • Organic-Concept tents are temporary set-ups that can be erected without a building permit. This offers you a quick and easy increase of your daily capacity
  • A perfect answer to a Belgian unpredictable summer with both rain and bright sun as everyone is safely covered keeping them dry whilst maintaining the atmosphere.  
  • Thanks to the flexible sidewall system on some of our Organic Tents, entrances and exits can be placed anywhere which allows for a smooth circulation
  • A separate entrance can be provided for take-away customers with the addition of a small Organic tent.
  • Air circulation is an essential part of reopening. A tent without sidewalls offers you an air circulation just as in the open air. If you opt for a tent with sidewalls, you can always leave it fully or partially open to ensure optimum air circulation
  • EXTRA: We can provide made-to-measure wooden panels with feet to be placed between the tables.

To support the Belgian hospitality industry with the restart this summer/autumn season, we offer them exceptional rates on long term rental between 1 June and 31 December. These rates are valid for all hospitality establishments (cafés, bars, restaurants, etc.) in Belgium.