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Season kick-start and international growth in 2019

The Organic-Concept Team kick-started the season and during the first half of 2019, the company grew strongly in the international market! We can confirm that the company did kick-start the season.

“We have a very strong team of permanent and temporary employees, who are truly in the mood to give it their very best. Everybody is literally champing at the bit to make this a cracking season!”, as explained to us by Managing Director Sébastien Meiresonne.

We have again planned to participate in the big events, like we do every year: The “WECANDANCE”, and ‘Tomorrowland’ festivals, and everything that entails! We have also planned participation in a whole string of new events and festivals both here in Belgium and abroad. Added to that are the classics such as Jazz Maatjes Festival, Gent Jazz Festival & Jazz Middelheim, FoodFest at Cadzand,…

The whole of our team will also gladly help to organise any wedding party and any private or business party.

We aim to make this a brilliant year. ‘Organic-Concept’ is celebrating its 10th year and that calls for many innovations! These innovations not only concern innovating products and projects, which we will launch in 2020, but also innovating internal structures within Organic nv itself. We make substantial investments so that all our procedures operate smoother and more efficient still. Our very motivated team, which was expanded by approximately 5 new members of staff at the start of 2019, always does its very best to create the most beautiful concepts and to provide our customers with the very best service.

This internal growth was necessary because of the strong national and international growth we were experiencing. Sweden, Denmark, Romania and Italy have now been added to our international network of Organic-Concept dealers.