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Wooden Flat Dome

An eye-catcher at your festival or event?
Choose the Wooden Flat Dome by Organic-Concept.

The Wooden Flat Dome can best be described as an architectural, dome-shaped tent structure, covered with a top sail made from the same material as the Silhouette tents (Sail cloth). Said cloth is translucent, which allows for warm light to penetrate during the day and for a pleasant, warm ‘glow’ to be created around the Dome at night. The Dome is a self-supporting structure, the interior of which is completely made of strong, high-quality, curved laminated pine wood.

You can design this Wooden Flat Dome completely to your own requirements or taste. Choose a Dome in combination with a natural wooden or whitewashed cassette floor to create a warm atmosphere and base the further building of your design on that. If you prefer a colour scheme, we can provide you with your carpet in the colour you wish!

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You can hire the Wooden Flat Dome with a diameter of 20m. and 5.9m. as the highest central point. We also sell the structure in these formats:

  • 12m diameter – 79 m² surface
  • 16m diameter – 176 m² surface
  • 20m diameter – 314 m² surface
  • 25m diameter – 490 m² surface
  • 28m diameter – 573 m² surface

Please contact us at info@organic-concept.com for a bespoke quote.