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Stretch Tent

Stretch Tent: versatile and atmospheric

Since more than 10 years we are the pioneer in building Organic tent structures at hotels, restaurants, bars, event locations and private customers. Our stretch tents are handmade by experienced sailmakers. They are waterproof, windproof, fireproof and come with the necessary international fire certificates.


In addition to free-standing setups, our stretch tents can be easily attached to all kinds of facade structures and walls to extend a terrace or outdoor space.  In addition, Organic stretch tents can be linked together watertight via gutters. Trees, bushes, poles or other obstacles are easily integrated into the set-up. A solution for every challenge!


Thanks to the Organic design of the tent fabric and the eucalyptus wooden poles, Organic stretchtents provide an attractive and durable finish to any outdoor space.

Buy an Organic stretch tent!

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are the right advisory partner for the purchase of an Organic stretch tent. We will be happy to visit you on site to look at the possibilities together. Thanks to our extensive network we guarantee a fast delivery time, a professional setup and after-sales service at any time.

All benefits at a glance:

  • Increase the capacity of your outdoor space
  • No building permit required
  • Unique, sustainable look
  • Atmospheric inside out feeling
  • Extensive range of colours
  • Protected against all weather conditions
  • Completely heatable and closeable
  • Short delivery terms
  • Fast, professional construction
  • After-sales service such as storage, cleaning and repairs

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Stretch Tent Cloud Series

Stretch Tent Cloud Series: large and impressive structures

The largest available one-unit Stretch Tent structures on the market! These impressive Stretch Tent concepts are completely sealable and can therefore be used in any weather and at any time of year.


Available in 3 sizes:

  • White Cloud – 22 x 22m – 350m2 surface
  • White Cloud – 19 x 35m – 600m2 surface
  • Silver Cloud – 20 x 53m – 1000m2 surface

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Silhouette tent

Silhouette tent: elegant and exceptional

Our Silhouette tents are beautiful and unique in their kind. They create a real sense of elegance with their waving peaks, luxuriant canvas and solid wooden poles.


Organic Concept’s Silhouette tents are handmade by specialist sailmakers. The refined details, maritime decorations and exceptional looks (inside and outside) have made the Silhouette tents famous with event planners and caterers throughout the world.

  • Only available through our exclusive network of distributors
  • Handmade by experienced sailmakers
  • Easily adaptable sidewall system
  • 100 % waterproof and safe in all weather conditions
  • Unique pennant flags

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Bamboo Tipi

Bamboo Tipi: an impressive, decorative eye-catcher

These innovating, cone-shaped tents are used as impressive, decorative eye-catching structures or as a VIP-lounge at the most unique events. This is the ideal attention-grabbing in and outdoor concept!


Available in 1 size:

5m diameter – 25m2 surface


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Wooden Flat Dome

Wooden Flat Dome: a self-supporting structure, the ideal long-term concept

An architectonic, dome-shaped structure, of which the lower part can be locked with transparent walls. The ideal pop-up long-term concept.


What is it that makes this structure so special? It is a self-supporting structure with an interior made completely from solid, high-quality, bent timber.


Available to rent in 4 sizes:

  • 12m diameter – 113m2 surface
  • 16m diameter – 201m2 surface
  • 20m diameter – 315m2 surface
  • 25m diameter – 490m2 surface
  • 30m diameter – 707m2 surface

For sale, we can offer you all desired sizes for domes between 12 and 30 m.


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