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Organic-Concept’s Stretch tents are the original Stretch tents and the only ones in the world that are handmade by experienced sailmakers. They are waterproof and windproof.
Stretch tents can be erected almost anywhere, which is why they are sometimes called the 4x4s of tents. Their unique flexibility allows for different configurations, depending on the space available and the desired layout. For example, the arrangement of the tents can always be adapted to the weather conditions. Stretch tents fit perfectly in any outdoor setting thanks to their organic design.


Our Silhouette tents are beautiful and unique in their kind. They create a real sense of elegance with their waving peaks, luxuriant canvas, and solid wooden poles.
Organic Concept’s Silhouette tents are handmade by specialist sailmakers. The refined details, maritime decorations, and exceptional appearance (inside and outside) have made the Silhouette tents famous with event planners and caterers throughout the world.

Kitchen tents

We have tailored a whole range of kitchen tents to your caterer’s needs. Opaque walls shield the catering from your guests.

Covered walkways

Our covered walkways are in fact long narrow tents. They provide covered access or connections between tents and efficiently bridge long distances across lawns. They also have anchor points, lines (ropes), and wooden posts on the sides and in the middle, just like our tents, but they are not as wide. ?They are made of the same materials as our high-quality tents. Side curtains can be used to protect walkways.

Bistro lights

The perfect addition to any lighting scheme, bistro lights can be strung beneath a tent’s canopy, around its perimeter, or above outdoor areas such as decks, patios, or open lawns. They provide a classic visual appeal and exceptional outdoor lighting ambiance. Dimmer switches are available. These lights can be used in conjunction with all of our lighting options.?We can also string them along pathways to help guests find their way to restrooms or parking areas.

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