FAQ - Organic-Concept

1. Does the price include erecting and dismantling the tent?

Yes, it does! Erecting and dismantling the tents, flooring, lighting and heating are always included in the cost of hire (unless otherwise stated).

2. How long does it take to erect the tents?

This often takes a full day. Depending on how many tents you need and what options you have selected, it may take more or less time. This is clearly communicated in advance when drawing up the planning (always by mutual agreement). Dismantling the tents usually takes less time, but to make sure, we also count on a day’s work for this.

3. In which countries are you active?

We are located in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Morocco, and La Réunion, but offer our services worldwide. The delivery costs are based on the distance from the nearest Organic Concept agency.

4. What are the points of attention for the location?

• Easy access for trucks and trailers
• All buried utility lines must be identified and mapped before the event
• The type of surface and possible height differences
• The walking distance from the unloading area and potential obstacles for the delivery of materials

If you have any questions or concerns about the location’s suitability, we can visit you for a free and non-binding consultation.

5. Does Organic Concept also provide other facilities such as heating?

Yes, we have different heating options. Please contact us for more details.

6. Does Organic Concept provide the power for lighting?

Yes, we can provide any type of generator. If required, an on-call service can be available during your event (on request).

7. What about event insurance?

It is best to have your own insurance for your event because you are responsible for any damage to our equipment caused during use.

8. How do I book a tent for an event?

After confirming an offer, you will receive an advance invoice (50 % of the total invoice). Once this has been paid, we will confirm your date and you can start planning!

9. Can we also book the tents in winter?

Yes, both our Silhouette and Stretch tents (with or without sidewalls) can be used in winter. It is always best to use them in combination with heating; it should be at least 20°C inside to avoid snow accumulation.

10. How do I know what size tent I will need?

Everything depends on the type of event, the number of guests and any use of furniture inside. Our sales and project managers will be happy to help you decide on the right size and type of tent for your event.

11. Is it possible to put up a tent against a wall or building?

Stretch tents can be put up against brick, wooden, or concrete walls without problems thanks to the anchoring or wall profiles.
* Mainly used in tailor-made Stretch tents.

12. Is it possible to install a wooden floor on an uneven surface?

No problem. We have different techniques to install wooden floors, also on uneven surfaces.

13. Is it possible to erect a tent on an uneven surface?

This is no problem for Stretch tents. Depending on the height difference, we recommend putting up a Silhouette tent with a wooden floor with different levels.

14. How high is a Silhouette tent?

The height at the circumference is about 2.30m. Depending on the tent’s size, the height inside can range from 4.10m to 7.60m.

15. How high is a Stretch tent?

The height of Stretch tents varies because it depends on the setup.

16. Is it possible to set up a Stretch tent on a truss structure?

No problem. Contact us for more information and details.