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Stretch Tent

Stretch Tent: sleek and versatile

Organic-Concept’s Stretch Tents are the original Stretch Tents and the only ones in the world that are handmade by experienced sailmakers. They are waterproof and windproof.


Stretch Tents can be erected almost anywhere, which is why they are sometimes called the 4x4s of tents. Their unique flexibility allows for different configurations, depending on the space available and the desired shape. For example, the arrangement of the tents can always be adapted to the weather conditions. Stretch Tents fit perfectly in any outdoor setting thanks to their organic design.

  • Adaptable to any terrain
  • Enormous range of dimensions and shapes
  • Extensive range of colours
  • 100 % waterproof and safe in all weather conditions
  • Handmade wooden poles

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Stretch Tent Cloud Series

Stretch Tent Cloud Series: large and impressive structures

The largest available one-unit Stretch Tent structures on the market! These impressive Stretch Tent concepts are completely sealable and can therefore be used in any weather and at any time of year.


Available in 3 sizes :

  • White Cloud – 22 x 22m – 350m2 surface
  • White Cloud – 19 x 35m – 600m2 surface
  • Silver Cloud – 20 x 53m – 1000m2 surface

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Stretch Tent Luxury Series

Luxury Tents: celebrating the great outdoors

Organic-Concept’s Stretch Tents have developed a brand-new and ingenious tenting solution that is designed specifically towards the luxury camping market. The result is a revolutionary fusion of technology and style. A bespoke product combining the leading-edge Organic-Concept Tentflex fabric with a fully enclosed PVC floor and customizable side walls in a combination of rip stop canvas, rubber coated mosquito netting and clear PVC. These tents are only available for sale. Contact us for tailor-made projects.

Available in 10 sizes, only for sale:

  • The Glamper – 10 x 7,5m – 75m2 usable surface
  • Eco Explorer – 12 x 7,5m -90m2 usable surface
  • Explorer Plus – 13 x 9m – 117m2 usable surface
  • Explorer Suite – 16,6 x 10m – 166m2 usable surface
  • Luxury Explorer – 15 x 10,5m – 157,5m2 usable surface
  • 360° Explorer – 14m diameter – 65m2 usable surface
  • Desert Fox – 18,6 x 12m – 223m2 usable surface
  • Desert Fox XL – 22,6 x 12m – 271m2 usable surface
  • Stargazer Hexagon – 5m diameter – 16m2 usable surface
  • Stargazer Cube – 2,5 x 2,5m – 6,25m2 usable surface

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Silhouette tent

Silhouette tent: elegant and exceptional

Our Silhouette tents are beautiful and unique in their kind. They create a real sense of elegance with their waving peaks, luxuriant canvas and solid wooden poles.


Organic Concept’s Silhouette tents are handmade by specialist sailmakers. The refined details, maritime decorations and exceptional looks (inside and outside) have made the Silhouette tents famous with event planners and caterers throughout the world.

  • Only available through our exclusive network of distributors
  • Handmade by experienced sailmakers
  • Easily adaptable sidewall system
  • 100 % waterproof and safe in all weather conditions
  • Unique pennant flags

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Bamboo Tipi

Bamboo Tipi: an impressive, decorative eye-catcher

These innovating, cone-shaped tents are used as impressive, decorative eye-catching structures or as a VIP-lounge at the most unique events.
This is the ideal attention-grabbing in and outdoor concept!


Available in 1 size: 5m diameter – 25m2 surface

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Wooden Flat Dome

Wooden Flat Dome: a self-supporting structure, the ideal long-term concept

An architectonic, dome-shaped structure, of which the lower part can be locked with transparent walls. The ideal pop-up long-term concept.
What is it that makes this structure so special? It is a self-supporting structure with an interior made completely from solid, high-quality, bent timber.


Available for sale in 5 sizes:

  • 12m diameter – 79m2 surface
  • 16m diameter – 176m2 surface
  • 20m diameter – 314m2 surface
  • 25m diameter – 490m2 surface
  • 28m diameter – 573m2 surface

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